Shopping for Whole 30 supplies can be very overwhelming for a handful of reasons. If you’re anything like me, you’re completely changing some of your dishes and subbing in new foods like cauliflower rice, coconut aminos, or fish sauce.

Some of these items can seem a little pricey, and if you’re new to the organic foods industry it can be difficult to compare prices at so many new grocery stores, such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Fresh Market. Throw in online retailers such as Amazon or Thrive, and things can get complicated real quick.

I’ve spent literally hours in search of the best deals on the Whole 30 staples, and i’m ready to save you the trouble of having to do that yourself!

The unfortunate truth about Whole 30 is that in the beginning you’ll drop some money on new kitchen staples. A lot of these products will last you quite awhile, and you’ll be glad to have them on hand when you’re getting off work starving with no meal plan.

Another unfortunate truth (sorry!) – if you truly want to save money you will be frequenting 3-4 stores. Ultimately some of this is up to you and your schedule, but i’m here to save you money, not time. 🙂   On a weekly basis to restock a couple items here and there i’ll probably only hit up the Lowe’s Foods/Harris Teeter, but on big hauls i’ll do as much as 4 stores. I’m all about the savings!

Note: this post contains affiliate links, meaning at no expense to you I gain a commission off purchases made through these links. Your purchase is greatly appreciated and helps keep my content free for readers like you! 

Costco Grocery shopping

Anyone who knows me knows I have an undying loyalty/love/obsession with my beloved wholesale store, Costco. They’re perfect, the staff is always super friendly, and their selection is amazing. To top things off they carry a bunch of whole 30 items!

Their produce prices are always out of this world, but as you can imagine there’s a catch – one must buy in bulk. I love buying their strawberries and bananas, and freezing what I don’t use for later. Romaine lettuce is a steal, as well as many other fresh produce items. If you have a large freezer or can manage to eat through an extra large bag of broccoli, I encourage you to purchase from Costco.

Aidells Chicken and Apple chicken sausage at Costco is also an awesome buy. It comes in 3 packs of 5 links, and I throw 2 of the packs in the freezer for later. Their price is much better at Costco than any grocery store competitor, I promise.

Kitchen staples I purchase from Costco are EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), avocado oil, chicken stock, tomato sauce and tomato paste. They carry organic products without the added junk, and I love having these things on hand for quick meals.

If you’re a fan of lemon, lime, or grapefruit La Croix, grab the variety pack from Costco. If not, keep your eye out on Big Lots. They have really great prices as well on the sugar free beverage.

Finally, Costco’s off brand, Kirkland, has a pretty great on the go organic no sugar added apple sauce pouch. I don’t even care that Kevin makes fun of me for looking like a 5 year old when I consume these – they’re delicious!

Lowe’s Foods/Harris Teeter Grocery Shopping

I love both of these grocery stores, and generally use whichever is more convenient to me based off my work schedule for any given week.

When I arrive at either of these grocery stores, I generally make a bee line for the meat counter. Both have really great cuts of meat, but generally their normal prices are not deals at all. Keep an eye on their sales and markdowns – especially for steak filets (for us at least). If you need a specific cut of meat regardless of their sales, check out Costco instead. Costco always has a better price for full priced items, but i’ve found things on sale at HT or Lowes for better than Costco. Stock up and freeze what you can’t use immediately.

I utilize Lowes and HT for their produce section to buy the fresh produce I don’t need in bulk. Again, there’s generally some good markdowns so keep your eyes out on their sale adds. If you’re okay with not buying fresh produce, their frozen is always a better buy and obviously lasts longer.

Pederson Farms makes some excellent no sugar added meat products like bacon, kielbasa, and chorizo. I have a hard time finding it marked down, and it’s a splurge, but you’ll love having items like this when it comes to fixing breakfast.

Trader Joe’s Grocery Shopping

Trader Joe’s is such a black hole of awesome I have a love/hate relationship with. I can always find something I didn’t know I needed, which is great when exploring other food options that are Whole 30 complaint, but not great when trying to plan and budget your grocery trip.

Regardless, I love this place and always stock up here at the beginning of any Whole 30.

Ghee here will always be priced lowest, and in my opinion, after tasting other options, tastes best. If you don’t want a crap ton of coconut oil, you can find a normal sized jar thats inexpensive, otherwise grab a year + supply at Costco.

If you don’t want to invest in a food processor (like me!) but still want to have cauliflower rice, check out Trader Joe’s frozen riced cauliflower in the freezer section. It’s not horrible, and I have yet to try other riced veggies they carry, including riced broccoli.

I recently picked up their iced coffee concentrate, and 10/10 I will be buying again. It’s even cheaper, and just as delicious, as another option I saw at Costco. They recently added a coconut iced coffee option for the summer, so if that sounds delicious try it out! Either way it’s a much better deal than purchasing from local coffee shops.

Strange enough I always end up grabbing a bag of limes from TJ’s. they’re tiny, but you can get a small bag for $1.29. Between Kevin’s Coronas and my chili lime shrimp or chicken fajitas, we use up quite a bit of limes during the week.

If you’re looking to try Larabars or RX bars, I love that TJ’s has a great selection and you can buy them by the bar. These puppies are also pretty darn expensive, but they’re life savers if you’re ever in a pinch and need a quick snack. Occasionally i’ve found them on sale at Target, but that’s rare!

Amazon Grocery Shopping

Amazon is the best because as you’re probably aware, it requires absolutely nothing – I can order from the comfort of my couch and expect my items in a matter of days. I outlined many of the kitchen gadgets I need a past post, but lets talk about food! I love coconut aminos, and unless you go to Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) it’s hard to find a coconut aminos with no sugar added. I love this particular one, and it makes my beef and fried rice taste amazing! I also couldn’t survive a Whole 30 without my nutpods. I can survive black coffee, but these nutpods make coffee drinking a little more pleasant. I’m even guilty of taking them to my favorite coffee joints, especially during my weekly bible study. 😉 Most recently the released a pumpkin spice version, and I can’t wait to give it a shot!


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