Good morning and happy Friday!

I’m particularly excited to be writing this blog post from the comfort of my hometown, Winston Salem! My fiancé called me yesterday afternoon and explained he had a work meeting to go to, and that I was more than welcome to tag along to do some exploring after his work was done. Of course I said yes 🙂 so while he’s in boring meetings i’m enjoying breakfast and an iced coffee at Chick-fil-A with wonderful staff (of course) and superb wifi.

I figured i’d take this time to share with you what i’m up to this week!

What I’m listening to: This awesome playlist that allows me to concentrate on what I’m working on. The Science of Studying

What I’m drinking: I may currently be at Chick-fil-A, but this week I discovered would could be my new favorite Starbucks summer beverage: The Doubleshot on Ice, substitute toffee nut syrup for classic. Holy Heavens – it’s got that rich coffee taste with a splash of milk and a punch of nuttiness. I’m loving it, and if it sounds like something you might like give it a try! I also found some other overlooked heroes on this link: More iced coffee options here.

How I’m working out: I’m giving Kayla Itsine’s BBG program a shot. This program focuses on high intensity interval training – a proven method to burn fat and shed those unwanted pounds. The one thing I love about this program is that I can do it from the comfort of my own home, and it only takes about 30 minutes/day. Don’t let this short workout fool you – you’ll be drenched in sweat and you’ll feel the burn for days to come. Not convinced? Check out the #BBG hashtag on instagram and see who else has tried this 12 week program. Check out more HERE.

What’s cooking for dinner: Over the past few weeks i’ve come to a very important conclusion when cooking dinners: It does not have to be homemade every night. Sometimes life gets busy and hectic and you’re going to have to improvise. In the past this would mean skipping the kitchen altogether and going out to eat – now it means searching prepared foods at my Harris Teeter. This week K and I gave SeaPak a shot – mainly because it was marked down, and we had a coupon that HT was doubling. (Check them out HERE). Their garlic shrimp was delicious! I paired this with some mashed potatoes and steamed broccolli , and we had a delicious meal that took minutes to prepare, and cost about $4 per person.

What I’m watching: The Olympics! Tonight is the opening ceremony – set your alarm for 7:30pm and tune into NBC to check it out! #GoAmerica.

That’s all for now – peace out as I enjoy my hometown and cross my fingers for no rain.



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