Merry Christmas everyone! Can you believe it’s already that time of the year? 2016 has absolutely flown by and while I’ll cherish parts of the year I cannot wait for Christmas and 2017 to make it’s appearance.

With the holidays upon us I figured i’d take this time to share with you things I typically splurge on. Now, splurge does not mean deciding on a whim that I need these items and make an impulse purchase – these purchases are still planned out in my budget. However generally 9 times out of 10 these items rarely go on sale, but due to the value they add to my life I find the expense completely worth it! Let’s get started. Note: this post contains affiliate links, meaning at no expense to you I gain a commission off purchases made through these links. Your purchase is greatly appreciated and helps keep my content free for readers like you! 


Lush Bath Bombs

Okay, these things are seriously magical. After a long day of work during these dryer months nothing makes me more relaxed and happy than a Lush bath bomb. As someone who deals with severe eczema on quite a daily basis many other bath bombs, soaps, and hygiene products absolutely destroy my skin – literally skin so dry to the point it bleeds. Not Lush! Their all natural products leave my skin moisturized and smelling fresh! There is also the added bonus of glitter, bubbles, and brightly colored bathtub water that make me feel particularly pampered. These bombs range anywhere from 6-15 dollars, and the bubble bars (though generally a little more expensive) last for more than one bath – I generally get 3 baths out of the bubble bars. If you have trouble with dry skin or just want an excuse to pamper yourself at home, give these products a shot!

Dog Food

Let’s face it, if you have a pet you understand these fur babies are a very important part of our lives. That being said, my fiancé and I decided early on to only feed them the best. That, and my border collie has a sensitive tummy so for my sake of not having to clean up after her at 3 in the morning, our dogs eat Blue Buffalo everything. We have always given them the Blue Buffalo Chicken flavored dog food ($45.99 on Amazon) and we also love their dog treats, especially the pumpkin cinnamon flavored ones ($17.49 on Amazon). Occasionally when the dogs are super spoiled we even get them some canned food (12 cans for $18.77 on Amazon) to top on their dry dog food. Every time our puppies get Blue Buffalo they think they’re getting spoiled, no matter how nasty their canned food smells to Kevin and I ;).  Though a little more pricey than other dog food options, this dog food doesn’t have any additives – just real food our dogs should be eating! By spending more on their nutrition now, I’m sure we will forgo other vet costs later down the road. We also choose to feed our dogs raw bones to chew on from time to time. This cleans their teeth and provides as a tasty snack. Check with your local pet store for raw bone options – we purchase ours from Unleashed here in Raleigh.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Up until about a year ago, I went back and forth between whichever shampoo and conditioner I could find on sale at Target, but this changed when I got samples of Living Proof ($81.03 on Amazon) products in my Birchbox sample one month (I’ll post more about Birchbox in a future post!). I love these products – they are sulfate and silicone free and clean my hair so well that I generally go a day or 2 in between washes. As someone who has very fine, flat hair I love their line of full shampoos and conditioners and every now and then I spritz their PhD Dry shampoo ($22 on Amazon) on my roots to fluff my hair up. I have yet to find this line on sale anywhere, but I do accumulate and use my points with my Birchbox account to get discounts. I’ll share more later how that works!


I’ll be honest, I generally do wait to get shoes when I can find them marked down or with a coupon, most commonly at DSW or Belk. Sign up for a rewards account with DSW! It’s easy, free, and every purchase gets you points to gain more discounts. I found the benefits of a Belk credit card to be worth the move several years back so I tend to gain exclusive deals with that, but you can also sign up for their mailing list or keep an eye out in your Sunday paper for coupons as well. As far as shoes go, I generally splurge and go with name brands that tend to be a little more costly because I like my shoes to last. I would much rather choose a timeless shoe that lasts through several years of styles as opposed to spending money every season on a new shoe wardrobe. For example, when I was in college at NC State I invested in a nice pair of Frye Cowboy boots that have cost me $80 in maintenance over the past 6 years when I had to replace the soles. Other than that, these bad boys are going to last until my own daughters make their way to an NC State tailgate. 😉

Apple Products

My fiancé and I are definitely team Apple fanatics. We love everything Apple due to their easy to use interfaces and their ability to transfer information from different devices. I currently sit on my Macbook Air, with my iPhone on the table as I look at Kevin to see his Macbook pro on his lap and his iPhone 7 in his hand! I’ll probably use my iPad tonight to read a recipe as I cook dinner :). I figure at this point in the industry’s stage many consumers have their own opinions on which product is best, so I’ll do little to try and convince you to purchase one over the other.

I’d love to hear from you! What do you tend to splurge on in your life? What adds value to your daily life? Tell me in the comments below! 🙂

Note: this post contains affiliate links, meaning at no expense to you I gain a commission off purchases made through these links.

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