Here we are – it’s December 21st with just 4 days left to go until Christmas! Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Have you begun?

Have you sent out those perfectly crafted Christmas cards, or baked a thousand Christmas cookies to photograph for all of your Instagram friends? How about the Christmas tree – is that lit up and shinning bright with your perfectly color coordinated ornaments?

The front yard – are the lights string perfectly around the front porch with garland looped around the railings? How about those cute inflatable Christmas creations for all to see?

By all means I find myself doing a lot of the above mentioned, not because I feel obligated but because I personally can’t imagine a more magical, peaceful setting than that of laying on the couch with a roaring fire and a living room that looks like an elf puked Christmas cheer e v e r y w h e r e. My fiancé is in charge of the outdoor decorating, partly because I ask nicely and bribe him with cookies and milk, but mostly because he too loves the excitement and beauty that comes with the project.

During this time I do feel that many miss the entire reason behind Christmas. I’ll save you the time of preaching the religious reasons, but from a humanitarian’s prospective we have got to remember that this season goes far beyond the value of a dollar.

I can almost promise you your loved ones, and possibly yourself as well, will not remember the gifts that were unwrapped 10 years from now. They won’t remember the perfectly crafted Christmas cards, or the exact color scheme of your Christmas tree ornament. The experiences, the time together, and even possibly the cookies might very well be remembered. Take the time to create lifetime memories with those you love – don’t get too wrapped up in the trivial details and expenses that don’t make the Christmas season focused on the true reason for the season.

The Christmas season is meant to be so much more than the gifts wrapped up and tucked under the tree. Take the time this Christmas to hug your loved ones a little tighter and to spread happiness to those in your community who might need an extra reason to smile.

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