I truly can’t believe we’re here in November already – it seems like just yesterday we were kicking off the New Year! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. That being said, whether you like it or not Christmas music and gift buying is upon us. I’ve compiled a list of some ideas for you to consider! This is the first of several posts i’ll be doing in my 2018 gift giving series, starting with the homebody.

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Gifts for the Homebody


If you read my post about keeping utility costs low, you’ll know that my husband and I tend to not turn the heat on unless we absolutely have to. That being said, last year I made the decision to purchase a sturdy pair of slippers that are fluffy, comfortable, and can hold up through walks to the mailbox! I purchased a pair from Costco that I absolutely adore, but the above slippers look very similar and have awesome reviews. These are great for days I work from home, or lazy football Saturdays that don’t require getting out of PJs!


In addition to slippers, nothing makes showering more pleasant during the winter months than a soft, cozy robe! I’m also a fan of snuggling up in a robe as opposed to jackets when hanging out at home working, watching TV, or just hanging out. This option had great reviews on Amazon and doesn’t break the bank.

iRobot Roomba

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Roomba when it was on discount for Amazon Prime day, and let me tell you – this little gadget is well worth its weight in gold. This does not replace vacuuming 100% – I still vacuum about once a week – but as a family with 2 fluffy members this helps drastically on collecting pet dander and dirt. your homebody friend will love a clean home with minimal effort!

Cozy Blanket 

Having a large, cozy blanket is an at home staple, and this particular one caught my eye. Plenty of fluff, descent price point, plus the fact this neutral color would look well in many different color palates.

Fire Stick 

We splurged last Christmas and got a Roku TV, so i’ve never had experience with a Fire Stick, but this could be very helpful for the homebody who wishes to binge watch Netflix all day! The limits are endless for all that can be streamed with this simple addition.


Kevin surprised me with a kindle for my Birthday, and I’m hooked. If you live in Wake County downloading books from the library is SO easy, plus if you do get forced into leaving the comforts of your home, this device allows you to take multiple books with you!


More times than not I have a candle burning when i’m at home. This Yankee Candle – Mountain Lodge – seems like a perfect option for this time of year, but Amazon has many different options to chose from.

Ninja Coffee Bar

I wrote a post a few months back about my support for the Ninja Coffee Bar. This machine does so much, from making specialty espresso drinks to single serve coffee options. This is great for our household since my husband isn’t a coffee drinker, and could definitely make your homebody friend a happier, caffeinated version of themselves!

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