For those of us with desk jobs, it is a little crazy to think about how much time we realistically spend at our desks. That being said, here are some gift ideas i’ve pulled to make the workday a little bit more pleasant for that special person in your life!

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Bamboo Desk Organizer

Hey Kevin, if you’re reading this here’s what I want for Christmas! How neat is this bamboo desk organizer? I feel like this would help organize my desk so well, including getting all those charging chords under control.

Blue Light Glasses

I began using these several weeks ago and now I can’t use my computer without them. I have noticed a very visible difference with headaches and vision quality. For someone who has pretty awful eyesight, these are great for keeping me from straining while staring at a screen most of the day.

Rose Gold Desk Supplies

This may or may not be a high quality product, but you gotta admit – the rose gold is pretty! I’m definitely in need of a pen/pencil holder, and love this option.

Personalized Stamp 

If your job requires personalized stationary on the reg, this could be a really cheap and fancy option to add your monogram or address to envelopes, paper, or where ever the need may be. How affordable as well!

Laptop Bag

I love that this bag is advertised as lightweight – and it’s actually really cute for the low price tag! The different pockets inside is a nice touch as well to keep all of your belongings organized.

Keurig Coffee Machine

I have this Keurig machine in my office, and it is such a game changer. The initial cost is a little high, but the savings for daily coffee costs makes it very worth it. This is a great addition to any office, especially around 2:00 PM.

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