I think it’s pretty typical – we all have that one friend who has either a wonderful entertaining space, or lives to host events and through wine nights, dinners, game nights, you name it. I’m running through some gift ideas to make entertaining that much more fun and/or easy! I may or may not have pulled a couple of my own wish list items from this post…. enjoy!

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Wine Aerator

We added a wine aerator to our bar tools this past year and this has certainly been a game changer. I am no wine expert, but I understand the aerator allows the wine to develop instantly as if it were sitting out in a decanter for a couple of hours. For me, that means a less vinegar-like, bitter taste making even the most inexpensive wines a little bit more pleasant. There is a wide variety of aerators at many different prices, and the one linked was among the middle pricing with great reviews.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Sure, we can all use a handheld wine bottle opener, but how much cooler is this electric bottle opener? No more accidental hand pinches! Plus, how fancy would you, i mean, your friend feel pulling this bad boy out at their next party? Great gift option!

Copper Bar Tools Set

I imagine most friends have the bar tool basics, but you never know. I specifically included this bar tools set because of the copper accents! How pretty, and definitely not too girly.

Slate Cheese Board

Any gathering with cheese is a good party in my book. We have a slate cheese board, and I love utilizing it for cheese spreads! This one has great reviews and won’t break the budget.

Drink Dispensers

As someone who entertains fairly frequently, this is the number one item that any entertainer needs, and i’ll tell you why. Without the dispenser holders, it is nearly impossible to fit a cup under the spout, unless the spout hangs off of a table. When this happens, inevitably excess liquid escapes out and I can promise you you’ll be cleaning your floors by the time the party is over. I love that this setup allows for two drink options, whether it be iced tea and water or red and white sangria! Heads up Kevin, this is definitely on my Christmas wishlist.

Food Display Stand

When one is short on space these tiered food displays work magic. I particularly like this one because it’s advertised as being collapsable. This would make storage a breeze and less bulky.

Whiskey in a Tea Cup, The Cozy Minimalist, & Homebody

Coffee table books are great conversation starters, and i’ve enjoyed flipping through several including the ones above! We’re actually about to start The Cozy Minimalist with my December book club.

I hope you’ve been enjoying and taking full advantage of my holiday gift guides! If you haven’t, don’t forget to checkout my guide for the friend with a desk job, the dog mom or dad, and the homebody.

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