Last week I shared some gift suggestions for the homebody in your life. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I have two pups who are the pride and joy of my life (besides my husband, of course). These little fluffballs can be expensive! Trust me, the dog mom or dad in your life will love gifts for the special babies, and will love that their pet is getting some special attention during the most wonderful time of the year!

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Water Fountain

It’s no secret that our pets are spoiled, so when Kevin realized one of our dogs, Gracie, likes to drink water out of a cup as we poured it into her water bin, he just had to get her an operating doggie water fountain. I’ve linked the one we purchased and it has lasted well over two years. I love that this holds 50 ounces of water so we’re only having to refill every few days. The water noises are peaceful as well!

Ball Launcher

This gift is pretty self explanatory – we have a border collie that would play fetch for literal days if you let her. Throwing that ball for hours on end can get exhausting for the human! This ball launcher would save your arm, plus the extra distance might just tire your pup out quicker as well.

Grooming Gloves

These grooming gloves work wonders, especially during shedding season. My dogs love them and it makes grooming time so so easy.

Travel Set

Anytime we take our dogs out of town or for a long walk/hike, I could see this travel set coming in super handy!


These aren’t great for fetch as they’ll destroy your floors indoors, but we love some nylabones. These toys are great for the destructive dogs in your life given their durability. The texture of the bones also helps keep our girls’ teeth clean!

Dog Tags

Every dog NEEDS a dog tag with personal information in case our furry friends make a great escape! In addition to an info tag, this tag is too funny to pass up! I’m getting one for both my girls.

Dog Mom or Dog Dad Coffee Mug

What better way to enjoy your morning coffee than with a mug professing your love for the most important animal in your life?

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