Hi everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Raleigh Saturday morning as much as I am. We have 60 degree temperatures already now at 10:00 AM and gorgeous sunny skies. My coffee pairs well with the environment ;).

It’s been awhile since i’ve made any posts so I wanted to share with you – have no fear! I’m still here. My full time job at the North Carolina General Assembly has picked up. Pair that with a fianc√© who’s working AND going to class full time and you can imagine how busy our schedules are.

This season of life has given me a lot to learn. I’ve learned patience, grace, and the importance of setting priorities and putting my time where those priorities are. Unfortunately this just fell to the wayside. I’ve learned that i’m not super human, and with making priorities means not everything I want to get done will get done – i’ve also learned that this is okay.

Unfortunately this may be the case for a couple more months, but in the meantime I do have some projects planned that i’d love to share with you! I’m talking painting the cabinets in our kitchen, doing a couple more updates on the bathrooms, and trying food home services.

I would love to hear what you want to read about! What are some topics you’d find interesting?

As always, thank you for following my blog!

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