With the upcoming Raleigh snow storm (I believe it when I see it) i’m wishing so bad for that unseasonably warm weather we just had a few weeks ago. I’m itching for real, sustainable spring time weather, and thus some serious spring cleaning! There are certainly many projects I want to dive into, but remind myself our budget can only go so far.

Thus, I’ve compiled a list of home improvements I can do right now with little or no money! Check it out, and drop a note if there’s something i’ve missed.

Clean your home.

Since we have two adorable perfect cute little shedding monsters, running the vacuum through our home does some SERIOUS wonders. Not only do we say goodbye to all that dog hair, but we also say goodbye to all the dust, dander, and hay (hey, I ride horses… bound to happen) that ends up in the house. Plus what looks nicer than fresh vacuum marks in the carpet? Several things, but it’s so satisfying! In addition to vacuuming, a quick lysol wipe over all my counters and a brief bathroom wipe down and toilet scrub suffices for an under an hour clean job for me.

Rearrange your furniture.

My husband gives me so much crap for rearranging furniture every other week (not really, but close) but it’s so much fun to completely change a room for free by moving things around! I recently rearranged our living room to make it a more cozy, inclusive space for guests or just when Kevin and I are home watching TV. If you want to get really crazy, try moving furniture from room to room – I moved my desk from our master bedroom to our eat in breakfast nook, which makes my work space so much more enjoyable with better lighting.

Move around your wall decor.

Becoming an adult had several hard revelations – if you eat ice cream for breakfast every day, you’ll gain wait, you have to work to pay bills, and bills take up a large sum of your income. However NO ONE warned me about how expensive home decor can be. My lord! it’s crazy. One way to combat this issue is to make the most of what you’ve got. When we moved into our new home I knew I was going to want to upgrade some of what I already had, and therefore wanted to make the most of my current pieces. Instead of getting rid of pieces I just found a new home for them – for example, a print of downtown Raleigh got moved from the living room to our guest room. A print we had for our bedroom (that no longer matches) got moved to one of our living room walls. In our last home our guest room doubled as Kevin’s office, so all of Kevin’s wall decor from college now hangs in his office spaceDIY a project.

Kevin and I (well, me specifically) had our hearts set on a new bedroom suite to update our master bedroom. However, it did not take too long to figure out just how much money that would cost us. In order to update our very simple (boring) bed frame, Kevin drew up plans to build a custom headboard to match some new, low cost nightstands we snagged from Target. I’ll have more on this project once we complete it, so stay tuned! The complete cost of just updating our nightstands and headboard was just a fraction of the bedroom suites we (I) had our eyes on.

Clean out your Fridge & Freezer

I get so frustrated trying to plan out meals just to find that an item I thought I had has gone bad or been depleted. This may not be the most glorious home upgrade, but generally whenever I take some time to go through my fridge, freezer and pantry I realize I have so many food options on hand (goodbye grocery shopping!). This is a great way to save money on your grocery budget that can go towards more home improvements. I try to do this at least once a week, generally on Sunday.

Clean up your yard.

It’s very easy to go to a home improvement store and spend tons of money on things you don’t exactly need in order to get your yard ready for Spring and Summer. There is so much you can do for little to nothing – pull some weeds, trim bushes, or rake leaves. Kevin and I constantly joke that homeownership comes with a “free” gym membership given the housework we’re constantly working on. If you have some money to budget for it, consider spreading some grass seed and treating your yard for pests as well, both of which are much cheaper to do yourself than hiring another person. Trust me, you’ll appreciate your hard work so much more too!

Light a candle or defuse some oils.

I adore candles, and ever since my mother-in-law got me into Essential Oils, i’m obsessed with them as well! We constantly have a stockpile of Bath and Bodyworks candles, since I refuse to spend more than $10.00 and stock up during sales. This time of year I adore soothing clean scents such as lavender or cotton. Essential Oils are great too, because different oils and different combinations of oils cause different effects. I love energizing orange or grapefruit in the afternoon, or lavender + peppermint + lemon to kick allergies and cold symptoms. If I want a nice clean scent to help with the fact we have two furbabies, purification is also wonderful.

Declutter and Donate.

This is the best. thing. ever. I think in a previous life I was a minimalist, because I strive to live minimally, but my capabilities to let go of junk could use some work. To incentivize this just a little bit more, remember that donations are tax deductible! We take full advantage of all donations we make throughout the year, both with “stuff” and money, to use during tax time. Plus, once you get rid of all those clothes you never wear you can make room for new ones!

I’d love to hear what you’re doing this Spring to refresh your home. Share in the comments!

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