Topsail BeachLife is beautiful – but in between the beauty sometimes life gets busy… And stressful, and difficult. I’m guilty of getting swept into the busy and focusing too much on the little things that don’t always matter all that much. I also get busy following the same rWlmington NCoutine over, and over and over…. And sometimes this leads me (and others) to doing the daily routine without asking an important question: why?

I’m not saying cleaning the house or going to work, or bathing the dogs or eating at home 5 nights in a row is a bad thing, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder that life is truly beautiful, it’s short, and it’s a precious gift to be cherished and embellished with fun memories!

That being said, Kevin and I decided to get out of our routine rut and take a day trip to the beach this past weekend. We are blessed to have amazing neighbors that were willing to check on the puppies, so we didn’t even have to rush home after our 8-hour day trip benchmark. Thank you Leslie and Travis!Dog in car

Living in Raleigh, NC we are extremely blessed to have so many attractions within a days drive. Anyone living in North Carolina really should take the time to explore your state – the opportunities are endless! This time we traveled to Topsail with absolutely nothing on our agenda – leaving a perfect lazy day lounging on the beach! Topsail was a wonderful change of pace to our normal beach destination of Wrightsville – it only added about 20-30 minutes onto our normal 2 hour drive (food stop included!). The beach was not nearly as crowded, and the hot temperature paired nicely with the cool windy breeze. It was gorgeous, relaxing, and completely needed for Kevin and myself.horses in wilmington

Between venturing out into the Ocean and lounging on the beach, we had plenty of time to take photos and catch Pokemon (no shame! We both love it). It was a day completely devoted to no work, no responsibilities, and no cares.

Once we had enough of the heat, weFriends drove to a public shower area and rinsed off. We made our way back to downtown Wilmington to meet up with some dear friends for dinner at a hole in the wall seafood shack. Tripp was Kevin’s roommate in college, and Kristina is a catch of a wife. We love them both and had an awesome time eating fresh seafood. We capped off the evening with a walk around the waterfront, listening to various musicians, and Kevin of course taking photos. The drive back was made possible thanks to a larger than life mocha milkshake from Port City Java – I’ve got to have my coffee! (No calories were counted in the making of this minivacation).


I found a great deal of value in spending money on a day trip to the beach, sBloody Maryo I budgeted for this trip and made it happen. Budgeting is not meant to constrain your spending power – it’s meant to allow you to spend money in the best way possible, ultimately adding more value to your life!

seafood shack

A majority of the photos in this post are credited to Kevin King. He does amazing work, and I can’t wait to learn from him and start capturing these moments myself.

Later y’all!

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