The other day I had a friend comment on how she couldn’t believe I did my grocery shopping at Harris Teeter due to their seemingly high prices. This reminded me of how few people really know about the amazing deals you can score with HT’s coupon program! I’ll be honest, this method of saving does take some time – but if you’re willing to put the time in, I can guarantee you’ll see quick savings. You’ll find that the longer you devote to couponing, the more fun it becomes and you’ll further develop the ability to really know what a good deal is.

First, you HAVE to sign up for Harris Teeter’s VIC program. It’s free, and i’m pretty sure i’ve been a member since the day I got my drivers license when my mom began sending me grocery shopping. It’s free and easy – just ask a sales associate or go to their website. This allows you to take advantage of exclusive deals, access to eVIC (more online coupons) and emails with information regarding special savings events.

Now for information on the coupon program – Harris Teeter will always match any coupon up to 99 cents. This makes coupon searching well worth your time! I have a Sunday paper delivered strictly for the coupons – I highly recommend keeping an eye on Groupon for Sunday paper specials. This is how I purchased my Sunday paper last year, and i’ve seen many deals since that making the Sunday paper much more affordable than the $3.00 price tag you see at the gas station.

In addition to Harris Teeter’s daily doubles of 99 cents, they periodically have Super Doubles as well. This is generally announced very last minute through their email list serve and lasts for 2-3 days. During Super Doubles, coupons up to $2.00 are matched – therefore $1.50 is actually worth $3.00, etc. I follow WRAL Smartshopper on Facebook because Faye is really good about getting a notice out about possible Harris Teeter Super Doubles days before Harris Teeter officially announces their event. She also shares deals that she has found, including the store specials and where to find specific coupons to help bring down prices.

While couponing will save you quite a bit of cash, the real deal is matching coupons with the many specials Harris Teeter runs. They constantly have products they’re trying to move quick, resulting in a buy 2 get 3 free special. This is how I get things like pasta, tomato sauce, soups, canned vegetables, or cheese for virtually free! For example, a little while back I had a coupon for $1.00 off a specific brand of tomato sauce (I’m not brand loyal) when 4 cans were purchased. Ordinarily this doesn’t sound like that great of a deal when the cans of sauce are between $2.50-$3.00, but throw in a buy 2 get 3 free and a Super Doubles event and you’re looking at a lot of free product! Technically 4 cans are purchased (you’re taking home 5 cans), but you’re actually getting $2.00 off when Harris Teeter matches your $1.00 coupon. At the end of the day, you’re taking home 5 cans for a little more than the cost of 1 can.

In addition to their buy 2 get 3 free special, a good tidbit to know about Harris Teeter is that when they list items as buy one get one free you don’t actually have to take home two items to get the savings. All BOGO items ring up for half price, so if you don’t want to stock up, or have a coupon to double up with the savings, you can get your savings off of a smaller quantity.

In addition to tracking sales and clipping coupons I have a few suggestions to get additional savings. First, when you’re meal planning (which I highly recommend) take a look at the sale ads to plan your meals around proteins, typically your most expensive item, that are marked down. Second, pop over to the bakery section to find “peelies” (peel off coupons) on goods that may be expiring soon. Enjoy these instant savings! Third, compare the price of name brand goods to Harris Teeter’s private brands. Many times the private brands are cheaper than the name brands – even when coupons and sales are incorporated. Fourth and finally, don’t be afraid to stock up when you find a really good deal as long as your expiration dates give you some time to enjoy your groceries. The best gift my parents got us for Christmas last year was a freezer chest, allowing us to stock up on important things like frozen pizza and ice cream :).

If you have questions about my savings I encourage you to reach out! I truly love grocery couponing and would love to answer any questions you have that would help you on your journey to bigger savings.

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