Hey friends! Awhile back I shared my tips on how to keep your utility costs low during the summer, so I figured it was appropriate to share how Kevin and I make sure we get the best bang for our buck during the winter time. Let’s talk about saving on winter utilities because, you know, we have more important things to purchase – like wine for those snow days.

I’ll be honest – K and I both prefer a cooler environment, so we praise the lord when temperatures begin to drop so we can use nature to keep our home at an appropriate temperature! We tend to see a significant drop in our energy costs simply because of our personal preferences. However, we do have some tips to keep costs low!

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Don’t run the heat – layer up

There are few things I love more than cozying up in a favorite hoodie or snuggling under a fluffy blanket. Instead of turning the hear on, utilize these items to keep from spending on our energy bill. I particularly love this blanket from Costco, $30 for two, and we have this one which I can tell you from experience is exceptional. If you’d like to spend a little bit more Costco also has a Barefoot Dreams blanket, $95 for members.

Ensure proper Insulation

We moved into our current home last summer, and come fall time we discovered the doors leading into our kitchen from the front porch had an awful draft seeping through. We purchased this product, which I’m sure cost substantially less than what we were paying to heat the outdoors. Check all doors and windows and see if there are any cracks or exposed areas for your heat to escape during the colder months! This will also help with your AC during the summer months.

Be mindful of Propane Use

In addition to cozying up under blankets with hot chocolate and a good movie, the only better addition is a roaring propane fire going in our fire place. This is something I have to be mindful of during the winter months – I have a bad habit of utilizing the fireplace for its ambiance and not necessarily its practical use. I’m not saying shut the fireplace off and use it only during sub zero temperatures, but think about how often and how long you’re running utilities like propane. This is one major reason I miss our log burning fireplace at our last home, although I don’t miss all the work that went into having a fire!

Utilize Sunlight

During the cooler months we make an intentional effort to leave blinds and curtains opened during the day. Why pay for heat when you can utilize free sunlight? Your home will quickly heat up, as long as your windows are closed (obviously). Do this to keep from using your heat as often.

Shut off Rooms you Don’t Use

What is the point in heating that guest room or office space that you aren’t using over the weekend? If you have rooms you aren’t utilizing, shut the vents in those rooms and close those doors. That way you’re paying to heat only the rooms you’re accessing. However, if you do have guests coming or a work day in your office, don’t forget to open vents ahead of time to make these spaces comfortable for use.

Adopt a Dog

Okay, this may not exactly fit your lifestyle but I’ve found that having two fluff balls to curl up with provide all the heat i’ll ever need, and more. 🙂

Do you have ways to keep your home warm during the winter months? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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