Last year on one of my favorite holidays, Amazon Prime Day, I finally took the plunge and made a splurge purchase on something i’d been eyeing for quite some time: the iRobot Roomba. I’ve now had it for quite some time and am ready to share my findings and feelings on the gadget.

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Instillation of the iRoomba

As far as instillation goes, setting up my robot was so, so easy. I have their app downloaded on my phone now and can have her clean at any time from anywhere! During installation you’re given the option to name your robot, so Rosie from the Jetson’s was all Kevin’s choice. It stuck! During installation we also decided to go ahead and pair Rosie with our Amazon Alexa, which makes starting or stopping a clean schedule very convenient from the comfort of my couch when my phone isn’t within reach. Talk about lazy… I love it!

iRoomba’s Routine

One awesome feature I wasn’t aware of is that Roomba can learn your routine and then suggest weekly cleaning times. This could be great for you if you want to automate your cleaning schedule and not even think about it. I will comment on the bin though – it get’s full pretty quick (at least for us) so just make an effort to occasionally empty the bin of debris. Unfortunately, I can’t automate this due to the fact that both my dogs absolutely despise Rosie – Gracie is terrified and Roxy tries to eat it if we aren’t home. For this reason, I just run Rosie occasionally while i’m home to supervise. That being said, if you have pets it is very important to know how they act around the roomba and wether or not they can be trusted at home alone.

Would I buy iRoomba again?

Probably, yes, but I know now that I could do without its services as well. Don’t get me wrong, It has been great for picking up extra dog dander and debris so I can go longer without vacuuming, but in my opinion the iRoomba cannot replace vacuuming completely. There are definitely Friday afternoons when company is on the way and i’ve just wrapped up a long week of work and the absolute last thing I want to do is vacuum. This is where Rosie comes in! If you do decide to go with iRoomba, try to catch it on sale, or go with an older version.

If you’re interested in purchasing the same iRoomba I have, you can do so here!

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