Given the crazy rush that the end of 2017 was, Kevin and I had quite the break from home projects and updates! This gave our budget some time to recover and time for both of us to do our research and figure out what the next endeavor would be, with our master bedroom area being the main focus.

When we finally started discussing what the next big purchase would be, our discussions were a bit heated with some pretty heavy feelings about where our priorities were. I wanted to get a new bedroom suite to bring our master bedroom up to par with my own personal expectations, while Kevin was more inclined to spend a smaller chunk of money doing some simple renovations on our guest bathroom.

Of course, we compromised and didn’t touch either of the bathrooms. Instead, we took a closer look at our master bedroom to see how we could upgrade it to this decade.

Before either of the above mentioned were to happen our first priority was to get rid of the nasty “Realtor yellow brown” walls we were working with. A majority of our home has very high ceilings, so where i’d normally just paint myself I knew this was not going to be an option – we had to hire a painter. When going to hire any contractor, I recommend a couple things –

1. ) Find a professional recommendation.

We went to Sherwin Williams and asked their employees for three people they were impressed with. These employees were bound to have a professional opinion on contractors in the area.

2.) Get multiple quotes.

Our first quote seemed extremely reasonable… until we got two more! there was about a $400 difference between one of the painters and our other two. I normally don’t recommend going with the absolute cheapest option, because you get what you pay for, but considering staff at SW had recommended all of these painters I felt pretty confident going with the lowest bid.

3.) Ask if a discount is applicable for cash payments.

Sometimes you can save quite a bit by paying cash. Credit card fees are no joke, and small business owners know this. The can be much more flexible with cold hard cash payments.

We went with SW7015 Dorian Gray for the living space (living room, dining room and kitchen) and SW7621 for our master bedroom.

Now, let’s get back on track!

Instead of buying a new bedroom suite we decided to go a much more affordable route – our main priority was getting a nightstand for Kevin, and subsequently a new one for me, since Kevin has been using a giant cardboard box since June of last year. We found a  cute option from Target that was very affordable compared to the Rooms to Go and Costco options I had seen, coming in at under $130/each.

Fortunately our current dressers are a pretty dark wood color that surprisingly go well with our new nightstands. For that reason, we decided to build our own headboard to add to our very simple bed frame to match the nightstands.

We purchased the wood, wood stain, top coat, and screws from Lowe’s Home Improvement for just over $100 (I had a $10 off coupon! Score!). Kevin made up his own plan beforehand so we knew exactly what materials we would need. We opted for the spray stain given our experiences with painting our kitchen cabinets, and honestly wasn’t that much more expensive, maybe even cheaper.

I’m pretty impressed with the finished results, but i’ll let you be the judge.

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