Renovating my Life (And my Master Bathroom)

To kick things off, I want to make it clear that this is not exactly a how-to guide for your next bathroom remodel. In fact, i’d highly recommend you NOT take advice from us if you’re looking to redo your bathroom. We are by no means experts, and took the time to acknowledge work we needed to hire out, like moving a drain or a shower head.

Our bathroom remodel ended up falling, unknowingly, during a very, very imperfect horrible time. We decided to purchase our first batch of materials right before Kevin and I both found out we were losing our jobs, effective two months later. That’s the perfect time to commit to a $2,500.00 project, right?! I mean, contracting the entire project out would have been over $9,000.00, so a steal nonetheless. Simply put, it was a very stressful time.

Release the Anger

My first lesson learned is that it’s okay to be upset by outcomes. You know when the absolute BEST time to knock out a wall in your bathroom and tear out the worlds most fugly shower? You guessed it – the day after your boss loses his election. Kevin and I were both pretty upset to say the least, so taking out anger on our own version of #demoday was quite the way to go. If you’re going through a rough patch, go take a hammer to a wall. Trust me, you’ll feel better. The key step here is getting past that anger, learning from it, and making steps forward afterwards. That’s exactly what we did, because dude – we had a BUNCH of family visiting for Thanksgiving, and I was determined to have the shower completed by then. (Spoiler, it didn’t.)

Know when to Ask for Help

As I shared before, we knew that the liability of a leaky drain was well worth hiring out a plumber to do certain parts of our renovation. We sunk some money into having a local plumber come out and relocate both the drain and install the shower head. I’ve dealt with water leaks, and this was something we certainly needed help with.

In the same mindset, I knew while looking for a new job that the search was a little bit about my experiences, background, and personality, and a LOT about who I knew and who could vouch for me. I reached out to so many people within my network asking for help and any recomendations for job positions that were coming available. That’s exactly how I ended up in my current position that I absolutely love. (Thanks, Taylor!)

Make a plan, and stick to it ((Loosely))

This makes sense, right? You know, go ahead and make measurements, predict how much tile, grout, materials you need, price everything out, and of course expect at least 10 extra trips to Lowes and about $300.00 buffer to that project. The best made plans go astray, and that is exactly why we have to adjust for the unplanned. I was pretty content with just having a shower rod and curtain for our new remodeled shower, but Kevin was pretty adamant that was stupid for the facelift we were bringing to our master bathroom. I’m glad I let him talk me into that particular feature, because a. it didn’t cost all that much and b. it’s freaking awesome. His plan to also go with a wood tile for an accent wall at the back was pretty great as well, and i’m glad I went along with that change in plans!

I had plans to fully stay in my comfort zone of politics and keep on the plan of attending grad school next fall. Obviously that’s not happening now because I allowed a crazy, off the beaten path plan to take priority and taking that chance has made all the difference in my professional career. Here I am now, making huge moves in the tech sales industry, where I wake up every morning pumped to go to work!

There is no such things as Over Communicating with your Spouse

Trust me on this one – a legitimate fight we had during this endeavor was “I wish you could anticipate my needs”. For example, “How did you not know I needed a new nail at x point?” …. hahaha looking back I find this extremely funny. At the time I can guarantee you it was NOT. Communicate, communicate, communicate with your significant other! We can’t read each other’s minds, and it’s unfair to expect the other to magically know what our needs are. I still believe in my own home reno theory – home projects are way better use of time and money than therapy, and just as effective.

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