Hey y’all! I know I shared several House2Home projects right off the bat when we moved into our new home, including painting our cabinets and building a fence for the dogs. Other than that we really haven’t tackled too many projects for one reason in particular – we are saving up for each project and funding each one with cash. My obsession with budgets and responsible money management means the home renovations may come slowly, but  to me that’s worth it if it keeps me out of stressful financial situations!

Of course this process gives me more practice with patience, which I wrote about awhile back. I guess it’s probably a good thing I didn’t know what was in store when I prayed for patience; all of this practice has been exhausting, but well worth it! 😉

We were fortunate that the previous owners of our home had the entire house painted this neutral cream beige color – totally not my style, but neutral enough to make things work for the time being.

neutral living room

I knew that after painting my last home I wanted to be way more intentional about what colors to paint the rooms throughout the house, and I wanted more of a home palate that flows better than our last home. We have a semi open floor plan with vaulted ceilings through the living room, dinning room and kitchen, so whatever we pick as our “main” color will make quite the statement with so much surface area in the main living space.

I spent many hours researching (also known as scrolling forever through Pinterest) in search of inspiration and ideas for colors we’d like. I’m a huge fan of the gray tones that are common through farmhouse style homes I’d seen a lot of on Fixer Upper. I also didn’t want to have a gray and dreary home either, so I would need to balance the grays with some brighter and lighter tones/options to compliment the grays. For this reason we went with white when painting our kitchen cabinets!

Having an idea of what I wanted to do allowed me to narrow down my options a bit, but there was one more factor – I had to use Sherwin Williams paint because of the wonderful experiences I’d had with the paint provider. This also means waiting for their (very routine!) sale of 30-40% off paints and stains.

When all was said in done I fell in love with this particular paint palate, and I’ve already painted my office area Dorian Gray. I love this calm, soothing color for my work space! The constant natural sunlight (in all of the house) make these cool colors so soothing.

Obviously this space could use some more furniture, but slow and steady my friends! I am so picky about what I purchase, plus being on a budget, so for now i’m quite content.

Kevin decided to paint his office area SW Gauntlet Gray. Kevin gravitated towards the darkest color possible from the palate, but this dark shade worked for his office due to the overwhelming amount of natural sunlight the space receives.  Can you tell I love natural sunlight? That’s one of the main parts of the house I fell in love with!

The walls still need a little touchups, but i’ve decided that can wait until after the wedding. Fun fact about me: I absolutely despise painting. My gosh I hate it so so so much. I’ve made due by finding some great podcasts and tunning out the mundane project.

I will admit, completing a room is so satisfying. I can not wait to dive into our guest room hallway and bedroom, and guest room bathroom – which are next on my list. That will definitely wait until after the wedding, and hopefully before Thanksgiving when we will be hosting both of our families! I am so excited to open our home to so many people.

This will be an ongoing project, so feel free to keep up with me on Instagram: @EK_EmmaKathryn for how we utilize our paint palate on other rooms in our home!

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paint brush

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