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As your typical 24 year old woman, few things make me quite as excited as a Target run. I remember as a young girl going into Target with my mom, and it never failed, we started off with 2 things – a bag of popcorn and a red icee – mom would always start with the popcorn and I, the icee. If mom was lucky, we’d switch at some point throughout our shopping experience. Nowadays I’ve switched out my popcorn and icee for a Starbucks iced coffee, but the experience is still just as wonderful.

I take that back, the experience is even better now that I’ve learned how to save as much as 50% off my total bill every time I shop.

This past Sunday I saved a total of $66.67, paying $127.09 and walking out with a $10.00 Target gift card for a future purchase. I’m excited to share my secrets with you! !


  1. Subscribe to a Sunday newspaper.

Some disagree with spending money to get coupons, but not me! Here in Raleigh I subscribe to the News and Observer, and have them delivered every Sunday. For a period of time I was purchasing papers each Sunday at a nearby Walgreens but sometimes I would forget, and I also found that having a subscription was more cost effective. Every newspaper I’ve gotten has allowed me to save way more than the $2.00 the newspaper costs, so it is definitely worth purchasing.

       2.Check your weekly Target ad.

This ad comes with the News and Observer, so clearly due to #1 I get a hard copy every Sunday. Somehow I get these in my email inbox each weekend as well – so there are multiple ways to get a hold of their ad. Their ad includes special deals – Target constantly does specials like “buy 3 items from this list and get a $10.00 gift card”, or “buy 4 deodorants and get a $5.00 giftcard”. For example, this past weekend I got a 3 pack of clorox wipes and 2 packs of toilet paper and received a $10.00 gift card. My theory: if it doesn’t go bad anytime soon and there is some sort of offer like the 2 above, stock up!


        3. Look for Target coupons on their website.

In addition to the manufacturer’s coupons you find in your paper, you can also use Target coupons in the same purchase! That means if you have a coupon for a Tombstone Pizza from your newspaper, and another Target coupon for Tombstone Pizza, you can combine these savings on the same pizza. Just go to their website -> www.Target.com, and select “deals” at the top right corner. Select the last option, “Printable Coupons”.   

        4. Get the Target Redcard.

The Target Redcard is a credit or debit card that allows you to save 5% off every. single. purchase. If credit cards aren’t your thing, you can register for their debit card that acts just like a bank debit card – it comes straight out of your checking account.

        5. Use the Cartwheel app.

Cartwheel is one of the best apps I have installed on my phone, and I do not say that lightly. Basically you download the app, create an account (I signed up with my Facebook) and browse through their deals that change periodically. You select the deals you want to use, and unlike paper coupons you simply scan a barcode from your phone to account for all of your selected deals. My strategy for using cartwheel is simply scanning the products in my cart that I already know I need during my shopping trip.

cartwheelFor example, if I need shredded cheese I’ll select a pack of Kraft cheese, scan the item’s barcode, and discover any deals available. Kraft may not have a deal, but Cartwheel tells me Market Pantry is 5% off. Boom! That’s a cheaper substitute that I’m willing to purchase, so I swap my cheese and add the deal to my cartwheel cart. This past weekend I needed a new Swiffer Wetjet (since my poor fiancé snapped my last one in half by accident) and I found a $3.00 coupon in the newspaper. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Cartwheel also had a 20% off deal on Swiffer Wet Jets, so I saved a substantial amount on my product.

I know this sounds like a lot, but I spent a total of about 2 hours on Sunday searching for coupons and creating my shopping list. Since I saved $66.07 on my purchase, I equate this to making $33.04/hour.
Take a shot at it – try couponing! You’ll be very excited with the results, and I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.





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