I have always absolutely hated Bras. When I get home from work I either escape from it’s clutches right away, or I exchange it for a sports bra to go workout.

In addition, the past few times (and by few I mean more than 2!) I’ve had awful experiences at Victoria Secret. I’m not a fan of their over the top designs and to be quite honest their products are so uncomfortable. Mind you, this is coming from a budget conscious girl who has a VS credit card! During college I was all about the rewards and extra savings.

If you’ve been on social media anytime recently, you’ve probably seen ThirdLove’s sponsored ads – they’ve been quite aggressive with their social media presence. It took seeing other bloggers test and love their products for me to buy into the free trial, which is a brilliant idea for an online boutique.

The Process: Bra Buying

You begin by taking a short survey about yourself and how your current bra fits you, pros and cons, etc so that ThirdLove can determine your size and shape. Based off your results ThirdLove recommends one of their products for you to try. All you have to cover is the cost of shipping!

For 30 days you get to test your bra out – this includes removing the tags, wearing, and washing.

My Impression of the Bra

I was so excited when my bra arrived that I immediately went to try it on – it was love at first wear. The band was tight enough to feel supportive but not digging into my skin. The straps actually stayed on my shoulder, a big first for my experiences with bras! I went up a half a cup size based on my survey, and it’s truly made all the difference.

I decided to try out the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in Naked-2, a nude, everyday bra. Everything is in the details – light foam padding, gold hardware, amazing non slip straps – so many small details that combat such big problems for us ladies!

To be honest, I wore this bra every day during my 30 day trial, except for one day. I was getting ready, half asleep due to an early morning schedule, and accidentally grabbed one of my nude Victoria Secret bras. I could tell as soon as I got on the road for work that I had made a mistake! It’s truly that life changing.

Why you should Buy the Bra

I very rarely, if ever, buy clothes online. I hate not being able to try something on before I buy it, but ThirdLove’s try before you buy program allowed me to take the leap. I also love that they donate any unwanted bras to charity!

I really encourage you to give this bra a shot for the small $3.00 investment. If you don’t like it it’s super easy to return, and if you do (like me!) you’ll be forever changed.

They are a little expensive at ~70$/bra, but for an accessory that you have to wear literally everyday, trust me – it’s worth the splurge.

This is not a sponsored post, but if you are interested in trying ThirdLove out please do me a favor and use my referral code here! That way you get $15.00 on your first purchase, and I get $15.00 to put towards their nude strapless bra ;).

Have you tried ThirdLove? What did you think of their products?

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