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Upon moving I mentioned that one method to embracing the change is to develop a routine. My favorite routine is my morning routine, and without fail always allows for my best self to be present in the day.

I am one of those unusual people – I absolutely adore mornings. Waking up to simply the thought of coffee is enough to get me started on the right foot. This is quite the opposite of my fiancé who would much prefer to work all hours of the night, and refuses to take part in any activity that requires his attention before the hours of 8:00 AM. Our relationship has taken some adjustment and compromise from both sides, to say the least.

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Rule number 1: (as with many aspects of my blog/lifestyle/budgeting philosophy) DON’T COMPARE on social media. I know so many people who love to workout in the morning and as hard as I’ve tried, that’s just not for me. Maybe it’s for you! Maybe running (without actually being chased) is “fun” for you first thing at the butt crack of dawn. Go for it – i’ll cheer you on from the comfort of my home, in my jammies, with my coffee.

For me, my best morning starts with a good nights sleep. Seems pretty logical, right? I despise waking up to alarm clocks, so when I get to bed by my bedtime around 10:00 PM, waking up on my own is actually possible and so much more enjoyable. Of course weekends are a different story, but when possible I stick to routine as best I can.

If I must wake up to an alarm, I love waking up to my Jawbone alarm. Surprisingly, a gentle vibration on my wrist is enough to wake me up, and much more pleasant than my phone alarm.


Coffee is first and foremost, always. While its a little pricey, I enjoy my Keurig since I can make a cup at a time. Kevin doesn’t drink coffee, and I try to limit my caffeine intake, so the ability to make a cup at a time is perfect for me. I’ve found that the best place to purchase my K cups is Costco (shocker) and I always go for the Starbucks French Roast, or whichever Starbucks option is on sale.

Most mornings I relax on our front porch with my She Reads Truth Bible, my coffee, and my 2 puppies. It’s such a relaxing, quiet time that always puts my mind in the right place. I will add that the only thing that makes me more excited is the temperature drop come fall – my fall months couldn’t come sooner. I’m so excited!

To ensure I don’t feel rushed and can enjoy my morning time, I always pack my lunch, and sometimes breakfast, the night before. The less time I must devote to cooking in the morning means the more time I get to spend doing what I actually want to do!

As for working out, there’s always time for that in the evenings ;).

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