I truly can’t believe it’s already Christmas Eve (as I know everyone else has said probably at least once). The year 2017 went by so incredibly fast!

Kevin and I were fortunate enough to make some pretty big moves this year. We bought a new home, moved to a new town, got married!, all while Kevin has been simultaneously working full time and completing his Master’s program. I was able to get back into horseback riding at a wonderful barn full of horses as amazing as the people. To say we’re a little crazy is an understatement given what we bit off for the year, but I couldn’t have imagined it any other way!

This year has been a crazy whirlwind of running and achieving and planning and going. For this reason, and the fact that it’s our first married Christmas, (eek!!!) we decided to make arrangements to spend Christmas together at home. I am certainly looking forward to Christmas movies, our delicious steak and lobster dinner paired with Biltmore wines we picked up on our Asheville trip, and going out to the barn to tend to the horses! Okay, Kevin might not be as excited as that last one but i’ve bribed him by encouraging him to bring out his camera (the man loves his photography).

We’re working in Benson/King traditions such as a delicious country ham biscuit breakfast on Christmas morning, sleeping in and opening presents by the fire (Mom and dad -we slept in Christmas morning, right?), and simply spending time together.

Given this crazy year and busy Christmas Season our Christmas cards didn’t make it out this year either (horrible, I know.) For that reason enjoy this latest and know that we’re wishing your family a Christmas full of happiness, joy, and peace!


The Kings

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