Hey y’all! If you haven’t noticed already by stepping outside or checking Facebook, fall is definitely on it’s way in this year. As of September 7th we finally have our beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL!) back at Starbucks, and the Target dollar section is full of all things red, yellow, and orange, in addition to Halloween goodies.

I am a blonde 24 year old female who adores yoga pants, cooler temperatures, and the return of the pumpkin. According to society, this makes me very basic. (Side note: is it derogatory to be basic? Because I still disagree with that one, but I digress…)

For those of you who view the fall-obsessed-pumpkin-spice-drinking-sweater-legging-wearing-individuals as consumers who wish to fit a “basic persona”, I wish to share with you why my fall obsession goes farther than a cinnamon vegetable beverage.

Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte is back!

As a youngster in high school growing up outside of Winston-Salem, NC, our entire school riled behind one specific sport that I hope you might be able to guess. That’s right, football. This sport kicked off shortly after the new school year, and left no question where you (or your entire family) would be on Friday night. The slight crispness in the air and the smell of a fresh grass field continues to leave an imprint in my head as something more important than a Friday night football game, but a sense of community in our town backing the West Forsyth Titans. It was a time to celebrate our team, socialize with friends, and catch up as the weekend kicked off.
The only thing that changed when graduating and running off to college in Raleigh, NC was the time of the week. The sense of community at NC State tailgates and games is something truly unique to other southern schools that is displayed proudly at the school’s first home football game, and on into the season. I do not see this environment and sense of community as boldly as it’s presented during the fall time sport.

My freshman year of college was full of many adventures, including countless football games with great friends!

Beyond football I always saw fall as a time of a new beginning, much more so than the New Year has claimed its title to. Fall has always been a new school year, a new season of TV shows, a new time to start fresh and prepare for the colder months. We go from the more relaxed, slow, rejuvenating summer time season back to our structured routines with thoughts (and goals!) beginning to prepare for the Holiday seasons. To emphasize my belief in this new, fresh start I’ll share with you that I’ve spent the last week cleaning junk out of my house and deep cleaning EVERYTHING. I’m very ready to roll into the final stretch of 2016 and welcome my favorite holidays (and birthday!).

Until the temperatures drop enough for bonfires accessorized with smores and hotdogs, I’ll settle with my Pumpkin Spice Latte, and leave you this list of fall favorites here in Raleigh!

  1. Check out your local breweries. Everyone is transitioning into the cooler months, and that means fall beers! Some locals I have my eye on are The Millers Toll by Raleigh Brewing (look for this in October), Gizmo Brew Work’s Octoberfest (Release party this Sunday from 1-9pm!) and Harvest Time by Big Boss Brewing Company.
  2. Skip Starbucks for a local PSL. One of my favorite coffee shops is Sola Coffee – Give it a (espresso) shot! You won’t regret it – and don’t forget to add some of their delicious donuts to your order.
  3. I’ve yet to go to a pumpkin patch here in Raleigh, but several trusted sources have urged me to check out Green Acre Farm in nearby Cary. A corn maze and pumpkin patch sound like such a fun fall activity, don’t you think?
  4. The State Fair. Okay, I’m super biased because last year I got proposed to at the Fair, but you have to make at least one trip this fall! From livestock to games to rides to local booths it is an awesome time that includes activities for everyone.


How about you – are you a fan of the cooler temperatures or dread the end of summer? What comes to mind when September rolls around? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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