Several weeks ago Kevin and I were laying on the couch watching TV while I mindlessly scrolled on my social media feed. A sponsored post caught my eye – a BBQ joint named Kings that’s been around since 1936 in Kinston, NC?!

Neat!! I told Kevin about it and we decided (last minute) to pack up the next day and make a day trip. From our home the drive was only about an hour, straight through two lane country roads, tons of farm land, and no cell service.

Kings BBQ

King’s BBQ in Kinston, NC

Kings itself was pretty delicious but maybe not worth driving an hour out of the way. If I lived right down the road you’d probably see me there occasionally!  The location’s environment was fun to experience, as you could tell that it was more of a “everyone knows everyone” kind of place. Kevin enjoyed the BBQ sandwich while I opted for the BBQ plate with two sides.

I think one of the best parts about their meal was the hushpuppies – they almost had a “cake-y” sort of taste, or as Kevin would describe it – something you’d expect from the fair.

downtown Kinston, NC

CSS Neuse

Once we ate more than enough and topped off our sweet teas we jumped in the car to continue driving straight into downtown Kinston. We drove this far for BBQ, might as well explore a little bit! We happened to discover a Civil War Museum with information all about the CSS Neuse, an Iron Clad that fought during the Civil War era from Kinston, NC. Entry was only $10.00 for the both of us, and it took us about an hour to watch an informative video and make our way around the museum exhibits. This was very well received for both of us given the heat and humidity of the North Carolina afternoon, in addition to our love for history.

downtown Kinston, NC

Back in the 1960s, a full century after the sinking of the CSS Neuse, they were able to salvage the hull of the ship and put it on display. This was the focal point of the museum, with tons of artifacts and history set up all around the old ship. I’ll save you a whole bunch of nerdy history information, but I encourage you to go check it out!

Mother Earth Brewing

Following our museum tour we decided to walk a couple blocks to Mother Earth Brewery. I’ll be honest, I knew of their beer and was aware it was a North Carolina beer, but I honestly thought they were located in Asheville! Until Kevin told me otherwise I had no idea they were in tiny little Kinston, NC so close to our home.mother earth brewery and tap

Mother Earth was wonderful – the venue was gorgeous, their outdoor beer garden was serene and peaceful, their beers tasted amazing and we had a blast on their brewery tour! For your planning purposes, tours happen on the top of every hour and last about 45 minutes – hour. Given our experience with brewery tours we felt this sounded like quite a lengthy tour, but the level of information they shared was incomparable to any tours we had experienced. Mother Earth was started by a couple of family members who had a passion for good beer, Kinston, NC and the environment – all of which are heavily incorporated into the business. They went into detail about all of their daily routines to lessen their carbon footprint, from catching rain water to insulating their brewery with recycled denim (what?!) to the way they cool their venue and beer cooler.

mother earth brewery

If you’re a fan of craft beer and business, check out their tour! Grab a pint to take with you, and be prepared to be flooded with information. Enjoy your trip to Kinston, NC and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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