Hi strangers! I’m so sucking at this blog thing during the peak seasons of my work schedule. Forgive me. I’m back! (for now:))

Kevin and I have been blessed with the opportunity to purchase a home and relocate to the outskirts of Wake County. We are so excited to call Wendell, North Carolina our new home!

I feel I could not have picked a worse time, but the Lord blesses us in crazy ways. The North Carolina General Assembly is crafting their state budget, I’m planning a wedding, and the temperatures are HOT and the weather is muggy with rainstorms almost every day. We traveled to Asheville just 2 weekends ago to nail down some wedding details, and while we had a wonderful time with our parents and accomplished a lot on the wedding checklist, I’ve certainly become exhausted with life in general. Regardless of how exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed i’ve felt, the excitement and happiness overwhelms it all. And I get to experience this with my best friend!

In addition, I am so excited to share this process with y’all, my readers! I’m excited to document and share our transformations, as our house becomes our home. We’ve been living here for about a week, and so far my absolute favorite part is just seeing our puppies play in their grassy yard, a luxury they had not had at our previous home.

While navigating the craziness of settling into our new home and preparing my old home to go on the market, I decided to get my car’s oil changed at the dealership last Thursday evening. Let me tell you – it is the last time i’ll go to Leith Honda. Talk about a nightmare.

What turned into a normal oil changed turned into a “you need to change your filters (I get this all the time), your battery is about to die, and you have several nails in your three of your tires but we aren’t exactly sure which ones, and they aren’t patchable so you’ll need 4 new tires” (for real, exactly what I was told!). It took me all of two seconds to get Kevin on the phone and tell me no, don’t have them work on any of those things if possible, we will get it taken care of in a much more affordable way.

So of course Friday morning when I’m at the Spectrum office in Raleigh returning equipment (totes favorite place to be…not) my battery suddenly dies, after having seen no indication of a dead battery other than having the staff at Leith tell me it needed to be replaced. The only convenient thing about this situation was that it made me late to our old property to help Kevin load another trailer full of crap;).

As for the tires, since I had a warranty on them from Discount Tire we took my car there Friday evening. Miraculously Discount Tire was able to patch the affected two (not three) tires that needed repairing as opposed to the technician from Leith who tried to sell me close to $1,000 worth of new tires. And Discount Tire DIDN’T EVEN CHARGE ME. Talk about a miracle.

This leads me to a serious question that Kevin and I have discussed (repeatedly) – why can’t one find a good place that’s affordable and trustworthy to work on our cars? It’s so disheartening. That being said, if any of my Raleigh folks have suggestions on where to take my car for routine maintenance (oil changes) holler, cause I’m at a loss.

Our second obstacle we’ve had to overcome is not having internet – it’s seriously killing us. Our home is listed as a “not serviceable area” for all of the major internet providers. Kevin owns his own business building websites, so internet is pretty crucial for him especially. We also recently gave up cable to rely on streaming services, such as Netflix, so at this point we can’t utilize any streaming TV. Thank goodness Kevin has an awesome DVD collection – that’s our main form of entertainment and relaxation lately. We are continuing to work on this problem, so hopefully i’ll have an update soon! Until then we will continue to utilize the lovely and awesome Grounds Cafe (see above picture!) up the street. They have amazing coffee, a great beer selection, and some delicious snacks. The view ain’t too shabby either!

Stay tuned for more about our home projects! We have a lot to work on, and you know i’ll be keeping a lot of these projects DIY and low budget 🙂

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