Throughout our first home experience, we found that we were actually very capable of doing (semi) simple home projects. In fact, we are expecting to make a small amount of money off our first home once we’re able to sell it in the next few weeks! These small projects over the past 3 years have added up to increase the resale value of our little home.

Given our experiences with home #1, we felt much less limited when searching for our next home. We knew what we wanted, and we had a pretty strict budget, so when a specific option fell in our laps we knew we had to jump on it.

Note: we searched for a home for close to a year. Patience, a virtue I’ve never quite mastered, was definitely necessary (or at least faked).

Non-negotiables for Kevin included more land, a garage, and office space. Mine were a master bathroom bathtub, an open concept kitchen and living space, and at least one guest room for all of our out-of-town guests. When we found our new home, we knew it wasn’t our dream home but it met our non-negotiables, and we determined that the things we didn’t like would be (somewhat) easy to fix! We also knew that Kevin’s family, as well as mine, would be able to help us with some projects as well – my dad with electrical work (he’s a licensed electrician) and Kevin’s grandfather, a carpenter, along with Kevin’s dad who practically built their own family’s home.

I am so excited to debut my #House2Home project! Obviously we aren’t able or willing to throw a bunch of money into this project right off the bat, so I’m here to show you our plans to update our home without spending a fortune, and without going into debt. I’ll share with you the real deal – successes, failures, funny stories, and celebrations as we create a home out of this house!

Stay tuned for a list of our anticipated projects, plus an update on our first project – painting kitchen cabinets.

If you have any experience with updating your own home, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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