Happy Friday y’all! This weekend Kevin and I are very excited to host his (awesome) parents for the weekend.

What makes them super awesome is the fact that their intentions of coming to visit are to help us with some projects around the house! On the agenda: completing a fence so the puppies can run around on their own, and ripping up some carpet off the back deck.

I’m excited to update you on these projects, including both level of difficulty and cost – stay tuned for a post next week on #House2Home.

In the meantime, I want to share with you some things I do to prepare for out of town guests! It’s very simple, given that I don’t have a whole bunch of extra time on my hands to play Suzie Homemaker ;).

Clean, Clean, Clean!

We have two shedding puppies so cleaning occurs on a weekly basis around our home, but especially before we have guests come to stay with us. I do a full vacuum of the house, and focus heavily on the guest room and guest bathroom. This may sound a little obvious but if you’re short on time, do a quick tidy up of this area alone. I also focus on our kitchen since we’ll be doing some eating and hanging out there in between home projects. Make your guests feel at home with fresh cleaned sheets and bathroom towels.

Loosely Plan your Meals

Have an idea about what you want to do for meals while your guests are in town. This upcoming weekend we have planned to have breakfast and lunch items around the house, along with alcohol for after dinner. A good portion of our weekend will be spent in the hot Carolina heat, so I decided to opt for refreshing foods such as cold spinach and artichoke dip, chicken salad, and turkey sandwiches. Lots of ice cold water, tea, and lemonade on hand as well. 🙂 I spent my Thursday afternoon prepping as much of the food as I could so once family was in town I could focus my attention on them and not the food!  You don’t have to have a set menu by any means, but if you have an idea of what food to have in the house and what you plan to eat out you’ll more than likely save money by not buying unnecessary items.

Grab a small gift for your Guests

Your guests have traveled to come stay with you, probably because they like you! The goal is to hang out and make fond memories, of course, but everyone likes gifts. Don’t feel the need to be extravagant here – we spend no more than $10-$15 or so for our guests, and we do our best to make it something local or related to our part of the neighborhood. This is simply a souvenir from your home.

The most important part is to enjoy time with your friends or family. Make tons of memories and enjoy your time together!



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