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If Christmas was anything for you like it was for me then the days following the big celebration is a day of rest & relaxation.

Of course, that’s right after 5am day after Christmas shopping with the future in laws for Christmas deals! When else can you go to Walmart, Pier One, and World Market to snag deep discounts on Christmas decor? Trust me, unboxing my purchases this year from 2015 was just like a gift to myself. Thanks, me! 🙂

After our Cracker Barrel Breakfast I was back in my bed snuggled up in my Christmas pajamas with two snoring puppies.

Christmas is wonderful and magical, but it can also be absolutely exhausting. Today I’m sharing a few ways I relax and recharge since I’m sure many will benefit! Many of these are low to no cost, so enjoy saving some cash post Christmas.

Get a Library Card, and Use it

A library card is a “free” service that you already pay for through taxes, so why not use it? It’s very simple obtain – just walk into your nearest library and provide proof of residency. If that can’t be done with your license, be sure to take a bill or some piece of mail with your name and address. I’ve saved literally hundreds of dollars by checking out library books as opposed to purchasing them. The only bummer through this is occasionally I have to be put on a waiting list for the more popular titles, but the anticipation is good for you (right?).

If you’re a big reader, i’d love some input on what to check out next! Feel free to drop recommendations in the comments below.

Take your dog for a Walk

If you don’t have a dog, chances are you have a friend who does! Your pup would probably love the chance to get out and stretch their legs, and the exercise is good for you too. Go for a nice long walk while enjoying music or a Podcast (I recommend the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey). The unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having here in the Carolinas makes this a wonderful way to not only get out of the house but also relax.

Side note: both of our large dogs can be a bit of a handful at times, so to guarantee a relaxing dog walk we are firm believers in the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness. Both of our pups love it and we don’t go on walks with anything else!

Relax in a Hot Bath

As I stated in one of my previous post, splurge on a bath bomb and take a Lush bath. The ingredients are wonderful for sensitive skin and leave your bathroom with a therapeutic aroma without the awful residue in your tub. Sit back, relax, and enjoy that book you just checked out from the library. For even more added relaxation pour yourself a glass of wine.

Experiment in the Kitchen

If you’re a fan of cooking, take a stab at a new recipe. Whenever I don’t feel like going grocery shopping I’ll do my best to make up new dishes given the ingredients I have available in my kitchen. This makes for a very low budget meal, several laughs, and generally a full belly. If you’re not feeling quite as adventurous do some research and plan out a home-cooked dinner with your sweetheart.

Tidy up your Home

The jury is definitely out on this tip, but for me personally I find peace and comfort with a clean environment. Take just a couple minutes to clean the major things – put away any items lying around, wipe down countertops, do a quick vacuum, and light yourself a candle. A tidy home will allow for a clear mind and the opportunity to truly r e l a x.

Same goes for your Car

It’s cold – skip washing the exterior yourself and forgo the $10.00 on a car wash. Take a couple minutes to vacuum out the interior, throw away the trash, and ta da! A clean car. I always feel like such a super star when I have a clean car to drive around, plus the little bit of care you provide for your car makes your vehicle last longer.

You’re turn! What are your favorite activities to help relax and reset following the Holiday Season?

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