Welcome to my new series, Friday Finds! I’ve discovered that there’s plenty of odds and ends that i’d love to share on my blog, and therefore decided to accumulate them into a biweekly post.

If you have any awesome finds, feel free to email me those at emmakathrynblog@gmail.com, and i’ll try and feature them. So grab a cup of something warm, and enjoy!

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Save some money and effort and try these at home masks. I know I already have a lot of these ingredients on hand:

I’m in love with my crockpot, and use it all the time. Check out this post from the Every Girl that has easy Sunday meal prep options with your crockpot.  If you’re looking for a great crockpot I love this one.  This may seem excessive, but these crockpot liners make cleanup SO much easier.

This is an interesting article about millennial habits and how we suck at saving.

I love this article that Angela Lanter shared on her blog Hello Gorgeous awhile back! She shares all of her laundry hacks that actually work.

I’ve always been #TeamApple when it comes to my phone, but for everything else… not so much. I’ll admit I stream music on Spotify and our kitchen houses an Alexa (I thought she was pointless, but she has proven useful). SO! Is Apple falling behind? Read this recent article from Forbes that discusses Apple in their industry.

With the temperatures cooling down I can’t wait to try some of these fall favorites from Kate on the Small Things Blog!

This week following the wedding we finally made our way to the grocery store! While there, I noticed that the Panera Bread soups were buy one get one free. I had noticed them for years but thought $4.99 for a cup of soup was a little pricey, but holy cow, go try these if you love Panera!! My favorite soup by them has always been the broccoli cheese soup, and this soup from the grocery store tastes just like the soup I get in the restaurant. Like I said, they’re currently BOGO at FoodLion, and I see coupons for them in the Sunday paper all the time. Enjoy!

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