Recently we’ve been cracking down hardcore on some debts we owe, which means less money for fun activities that become costly each week. I’ve been spending some serious time researching free activities in the Raleigh/surrounding areas, and am happy to share with others who may be in a similar predicament! Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below.

  1. Go for a walk or take a hike.
  2. Go to your Wake County Public Library.
  3. If you have a Costco or Sam’s membership, go grocery shopping around lunch time and enjoy some free samples. Don’t fall victim – no need to purchase any of these items unless they are specifically on your list!
  4. Check out one of the many free Museums in downtown Raleigh. Also check out the monuments around the Old State Capitol, in addition to the Old State Capitol itself.
  5. Plan a clothing swap with several of your girlfriends – pick a night, and have each participant bring 3-5 clothing items they no longer want in order to exchange.
  6. Grab some blankets and lay outside at night to star gaze.
  7. Build a bonfire and roast smores.
  8. Visit a local park or dog park.
  9. Go window shopping for clothing or interior design inspiration. Tip: Leave all forms of payment either in your car or at home to avoid any temptation.
  10. Volunteer for the Wake County Animal Shelter or the SPCA.


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free activities around Raleigh

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