If you use your smartphone for just things like Facebook and Snapchat but you want to make use of that cell phone bill each month, you’re in the right place. I’m sharing some of my favorite apps, all of which happen to be free, that make my daily life easier and honestly more enjoyable! Let me know if you use any of the following in the comments.


Wunderlist: Free

I am definitely a to-do lister. Nothing keeps me on track and accomplished than a good long list of goals and tasks that need completing! I’ve learned through running a blog on top of working a full time job that I am constantly on the go and find myself working in different spaces on a weekly basis. This constant movement makes it difficult to keep up with an old-fashioned pen and paper list, and that is where Wunderlist comes in.

This app allows me to create multiple lists, and can be accessed across my iPhone, Mac, and iPad. Kevin has a Wunderlist account as well so we are able to share our lists with each other and updated them in real time. This makes it very simple to create an ongoing grocery list that we both have access to at any time.

To give you an idea, right now I have multiple lists including groceries, work to dos, blog topic ideas, etc. This app goes beyond my to do list obsession and allows me to keep all sorts of things organized and easy to remember!


Cartwheel by Target

If you aren’t as in love with couponing as I claim to be, or hate to admit it, take a stab at using Cartwheel next time you go shopping in Target.

Once you download the app and create an account, you can browse through the literally hundreds of deals that Target has going on every single day. If you don’t wish to browse their deals you can do what I do and scan the barcode of items you already intend on buying. I’ve seen deals as low as 5% off and as high as 50% off – every little bit counts! Select the deals you want to use and add them to your discount list, and at the checkout your cashier simply scans 1 barcode to account for all of your discounts as opposed to individually scanning multiple coupons. If you want to save even more money beyond Cartwheel, check out my post HERE on how I save money on my Target purchases.


Stealz: Free

Stealz is an app that is pretty widely used here in Raleigh, NC. Businesses that choose to participate include some sort of discount or giveaway to post on their app. Many businesses chose to have a freebie, but the good stuff is up for “purchase” once you rack up points by posting on social media! The points are used to redeem better, higher saving deals. For example, several weeks back I got a free pretzel at the Raleigh Beer Garden by simply showing my server my phone. Just be sure to tip the service staff based on the pre-discounted check! Check them out on Facebook.


Google Docs App: Free

I was a huge fan of using Google Docs on my laptop for all group projects in college, but did you know there’s an app for your phone? Easily access word and excel documents, power point presentations – you name it, anywhere you go. Kevin and I continue to split our rent and utilities costs since we have yet to get a joint account, so Google Docs Excel documents are an easy way for us to keep track of our expenses and who owes whom what. I use this to also document confirmation numbers for payments in case I face any sort of disputes, which is very convenient to have all in one place.



Venmo: Free

Venmo, while already widely used amongst many, is a new finding for me as of lately when I was forced into downloading it to fund a friend’s bachelorette weekend this fall. I’m a huge fan now! It’s a safe way to transfer owed money to your friends. If you link a checking account you can use the service at no cost, otherwise incur a 3% fee for all credit card transactions. Soon it really is going to be time for Grandma Emma to get rid of her checkbook…


Unroll Me: Free

This may not be an app but Unroll me is an awesome tool that makes having an organized email inbox a reality. Once you create an account unroll me compiles a database of all email lists you are subscribed to (hello Target, Banana Republic, Ulta!). You are able to “unsubscribe”, “roll up”, or “leave” each email you are signed up to. Those you chose to roll up no longer go straight to your inbox but instead are rolled up into a neat little email from unroll me that hits your inbox every morning! Cleaning and organizing my email has never been so easy, especially when I somehow ended up on over 800 different list serves in the past few years… enjoy!


Feel free to share any of your favorite apps, free or for purchase, that help your daily life in the comments below. I’m always up for trying new things, especially if it saves me money or makes my daily tasks easier to complete.



Free Apps I love

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