As expected, my social media was crawling with New Years Resolutions over the New Years Holiday. From my own personal experiences, and noticing other’s habits, these resolutions are so hard to stick with and I feel like I rarely see these resolutions and goals met. Now that we’re finishing up with January, are you successfully on track to stick with your goals? I personally know I could be doing a little better!

I’ve decided to dig deeper into the reasons we have a difficult time sticking with and achieving our goals. Here’s what i’ve found –

We fail to Create Attainable Goals.

It is very easy to set unattainable goals. For example, when you go to scoop a plate of spaghetti and you aim a little too high and fail to eat all you thought you could (or is that just me?) or when you decide to wake up 2 hours earlier than normal to workout and get healthy 6 days a week.

When setting a goal, it’s very important to be realistic with ourselves. We are all created differently with different skills and weaknesses, and what might be possible for a friend might not be the same for you.

Of course work to challenge yourself, but challenge yourself to goals that are realistic and attainable.

We fail to make a Game Plan.

You should take some time to map out how you plan on achieving your attainable goals. I always recommend a daily, weekly, and monthly plan to make your resolution happen. For example, if you’re goal is to get healthy and lose weight, pick a target weight loss for each month, a weekly workout plan, and a daily meal plan.

We lack Accountability.

It is SO HARD to accomplish a goal by yourself. When creating a New Years Resolution or goal, ask around and see if anyone you know is working towards a similar goal. There is success in numbers – if you can’t find someone working towards the same goal, see if there is someone you trust that can help you stay accountable.

You haven’t defined your WHY.

Why are you working to loose 20 pounds? Why are you trying to read one book a week? Why are you trying to knock out your credit card debt?

If you don’t define your why, you have no reason to reach your goal, so you can imagine how difficult success is. Personally, I like to write out my why before I do anything else regarding my goal. Figure out your why, and when the road gets difficult revisit your why. It will certainly help you out!

If you aren’t achieving your goals, don’t give up. We’re only one month into 2018 and there is plenty of time to make a plan :). I’d love to hear about your goals in the comments!

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