For those of you who may be new to my site, I have a confession – I am definitely a coffee addict. I decided that this year I needed to do more to increase my coffee savings!

A morning is not a morning until a cup of that magical bean water makes its way into my hands – this coming from a morning person! I joke with Kevin that maybe he would be more of a morning person if he enjoyed coffee, brunch, or other awesome things that make waking up so much easier. Oh well, certainly his loss!

This addiction can come with some serious money strings attached if not medicated properly. Up until this year I was a huge fan of the Keurig system. To be honest, I still am a fan as my very nice, very expensive coffee pot has been moved to my downtown office for the 2:00 PM slumps i’m well acquainted with.

After seeing many sponsored ads from other bloggers lately, I was very intrigued by the Ninja Coffee Bar. My main concern with my Keurig was the fact that I was buying $30 worth of Starbucks K-cups from Costco roughly each month, which is much more costly than the purchasing coffee beans. I had purchased a refillable canister for my Keurig to use my favorite Costco brand coffee beans, but I wasn’t satisfied with the quality or taste, and cleaning out the canister each day was just annoying ( I know, i’m very picky about my addiction).

The Ninja Bar went on super sale from Zulilly for a very limited time back in January, and after consulting several coffee friends I decided that the single serve system for under $70 was well worth a test. The next best price I can find now is for $93.00 on Amazon. 

Y’all, this system was life changing. Let me tell you why!

Dollars and Sense

Okay, strictly from a cost perspective this product has already paid for itself. Before the Ninja Bar, I was spending $29.99/month on K-cups from Costco (and this was a steal!). Now I purchase the Mayorga Organic Cafe Cubano Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee from Costco – $13.99 for a large bag of coffee beans (I’m not sure the exact size) that lasts me about a month. To make things even better, last month my coffee beans went on sale for $9.99, so even more savings! That means I had a savings of $20/month since January, so my $67.00 coffee machine has already saved me about $60.00 this year. My coffee hating husband has been so proud of me ;).


In addition to saving a butt ton of money on my coffee addiction, the quality of my coffee beverages is top notch. The single serve Ninja Coffee Bar has multiple functions, including rich brew for a deeper flavor (I love strong, dark roast coffee) and over ice options for the best iced coffee i’ve ever created at home. There is also a “specialty coffee” function for creating lattes, flat whites, and other crafted coffee beverages. I’ve had so much fun exploring different coffee options.

The big kicker… since I began using my Ninja Coffee Bar, i’ve only gone out to enjoy a coffee beverage at a coffee bar ONCE. That’s one coffee out over the past three months! Before I averaged at least one coffee out a week (at the very minimum). I am truly happy with the coffee beverages i’m creating at home, and look forward to making my own drinks for a fraction of the price.

Total Savings

Let’s recap – $20.00 savings each month by switching from K-cups to coffee beans, and not buying coffee beverages out as often. Let’s say I was spending $4.00 per cup of coffee out, and that went from three coffees out each week to one (being realistic here!). That’s another $32.00 savings on average each month. Total these savings for a year and I’ve got an average of $624.00  that I can spend on other more fun, exciting things than coffee (and that’s saying something)!

I’d love to hear from all my coffee lovers – what do you use to make your coffee or do you drink your coffee from a specialty coffee bar? What are some recipes I should be utilizing for my own Ninja Bar? Share in the comments!

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