This weekend here in Raleigh was an absolute BLAST! This was due to the 2016 Brewgaloo Festival that happened on Saturday.

As a born and raised North Carolinian, might be a little biased in thinking we are the. Best. State. EVER. As a kid my parents would take me up to Laurel Springs in the Mountains where we got to explore gorgeous landscapes and see breathtaking views of North Carolina’s mountainside. We spent our summers on the coast, where the landscape is pretty accurately characterized in any Nicholas Spark’s novel. I grew up in Winston Salem, and enjoyed my college days and my first few years of “the real world” here in Raleigh – each place had its own personality and amazing traits.

And I love every single part of it.

Needless to say a festival that included 80+ North Carolina Craft Breweries, 40+ North Carolina Food Trucks, and an abundant amount of North Carolina small businesses absolutely made my weekend. Kevin and I split 20 tickets ($20), which got us each 10 generous samples of product from any of the many breweries that were in attendance. We also got 2 souvenir pint glasses to take home!

Our only method to the madness was to only try beers that were not within driving distance of Raleigh. For obvious reasons.

One beer that was particularly memorable was Flying Circus by Check 6 (check out their Facebook!)

This tasted like the most perfect summer beer. I’m a sucker for Hefeweizens, and with the coconut flavor all I need to add is a beach and a cooler.

In addition to all of the awesome vendors and breweries, we also go to enjoy live music for the day. The weather was absolutely perfect with 70 degree weather and partly cloudy to go along with the outdoor events.

For $10 each, I’d say this was a great, low budget event that both Kevin and I enjoyed, and I’d highly recommend checking it out next year!

Later y’all,


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