As I sit here and watch a ridiculous amount of The Blacklist with Kevin, I thought “hey, I can do a blog post about all the time I spend at home (not spending money!) binge watching Netflix”!

And then I actually thought about all the TV shows I’ve watched over the past few years and I don’t know whether I should be proud or disgusted. Either way, evenings at home cuddled on the couch with my fiancé are nothing to complain about!

That being said, let’s dive into what I’ve been watching!

The Blacklist

BlacklistHoly smokes we are currently in the middle of the Blacklist thanks to a friend of ours who suggested it. As a kid I loved watching Law & Order for the mystery “who done it” experience, and I get that out of the Blacklist.

Each episode carries its own crime mystery, but an overarching mystery amongst the main characters that intensifies throughout the series.

Beware, you’ll spend hours watching and get caught up with Lizzie and Red. The second you think you have everything figured out, the plot thickens!



This is a great cross between a drama and a documentary. You do have to be okay with subtitles – a vast majority of the show is in Spanish. The plot takes you along the story line of Pablo Escobar and his eventual take down.

Added bonus: you won’t feel like your mindlessly watching a TV show as you perfect your español!

House of Cards

house of cards

I work in politics – of course I’m going to watch HOC! If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, I encourage it. Follow along with ruthless Frank Underwood as he works his way to the top of the food chain. This show requires a bit of your attention, so don’t plan on multitasking.



Consider yourself warned – this is not a show you want to watch with your parents. While very vulgar, this dark comedy is quite addicting. The show follows a south-side Chicago family as the venture through poverty and life’s crazy rollercoaster ride. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and have your mind blown.

Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls

The classic – dear lord I love this show. I recall coming home from school and watching this show while doing my homework (I’m sure that went well). Last year I needed a show to watch in the background while getting things done, and GG was the perfect choice. As a recent college graduate I felt like I could relate to Rory on many levels, so re-watching the series during this new life transition was great. Grab some wine and enjoy!

I could list many more, but these are currently some of my favorites! I’d also suggest The Walking Dead (first 3 seasons or so, it goes downhill), White Collar, and Stranger Things!

What are you watching? Please share in the comments!

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