Overcast and rainy – that describes our Raleigh weather for the past few days, and according to the weather channel it’s not changing anytime soon. It was now or never for an outdoor adventure this week, so we went for it!

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So we decided to have a s l o w morning and cook brunch at home today. We went with banana and strawberry crepes, saving a considerable amount of money by cooking them ourselves and stuffing our faces from the comfort of our living room.


Recipe here:

Milk, eggs, sugar, flour, and butter are King family staples, so we already had that all on hand. I enjoyed a strawberry filling – I chopped about a half a box of strawberries from Trader Joe’s for 2.99, add some water and a splash of lime juice, and simmer for about 20 minutes. Kevin’s banana-peanut butter-chocolate filling only required 2 $.19 bananas, and I splurged and got creme fraiche for 3.29.

I spent less than ten dollars to make us each 4 crepes, bacon, and drinks. Can’t do that out in public! Or wear your pajamas while you eat…

As you can tell, we went all out and did mimosas as well. We had leftover orange juice from sangria night with Kevin’s family a few weekends ago and had a nice bottle of champagne Kevin scored for half off from Target several months back. Delicious, and cheap – my kind of brunch!


Following brunch, we ventured out to Historic Yates Mill County Park. (

IMG_2238What’s an outing without a selfie?

Kevin, the actual photographer, did some work with his camera while I was able to mess around with my iPhone’s capabilities (super techy, I know…) I’m hoping to learn more about photography, so i’ll keep you posted on that!

We learned that this is the only remaining water mill in Raleigh compared to over 70 in the 1800s. We stumbled across beautiful wildlife, vegetation, and man’s creations.

I will warn that there were signs posted this is not a dog friendly park – so Roxy and Gracie had to stay home. If you’re looking for gorgeous trails and a quick Raleigh “get away” – check it out!

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