Meet Emma Kathryn

This crazy, fast paced world can leave your head spinning real quick. If you’re looking to slow down and stay awhile, you came to the right place! Light a candle, pour yourself a beverage, and relax here in my corner of the internet.

I’m Emma, wife to Kevin, fur mama to Roxy and Gracie, equestrian who is borderline obsessed with horses, and avid player in the political process. When I’m able to squeeze in just a little bit more, I have a uniquely weird passion for couponing and budgeting, likely thanks to some of the most frugal parents you’ve ever met. My idea of a perfect date night with my husband would include tacos, North Carolina craft beer, and lots of laughter.

Whether it’s creating a budget for the first time, being intentional with your money, or doing a DIY home project, my goal is for my experiences to inspire you. I hope my words bring you joy, provide a place of peace, and light a fire in your soul. Stick around to learn how we can create our own luck!

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1. I got married to my best friend, Kevin, on October 20, 2017. Our marriage is by no means perfect but he makes me strive to be the very best version of myself each and every day. Life with him is my new normal, and I can’t imagine it any other way – not in the mushy lovey way but more of I can’t remember what life was like without him. You’ll find that many of my adventures include Kevin 🙂

2. Roxy, the black border collie, was my first adopted child back when I had just graduated from college early in 2014. Kevin and I decided pretty shortly after that my wild child dog needed a companion, so Gracie, our brown mutt, joined us over Christmas of 2014. These two are inseparable, and quickly became the love of our lives. Don’t be surprised that they pretty much constantly take over my social media channels.

3. I’ve spent most of my relatively short life in North Carolina – I grew up outside of Winston Salem, moved to Raleigh for college, and now live on the outskirts of my beloved city doing this whole “adulting” thing. North Carolinians have always inspired me due to their fierce loyalty, pride, and sense of community. It also doesn’t hurt that we have the most beautiful mountains paired with some gorgeous oceans to experience within a fairly short drive. I’m surely biased, but I love my state!

4. In June of 2017 Kevin and I made Wendell, North Carolina home by purchasing the most adorable (dated) home on the outskirts of Wake County (think Raleigh, for y’all that aren’t from the area). I love sharing our stories of transforming our home, entertaining guests, and relaxing on our little piece of land out here in the country.