The month of July bought a bunch of new challenges and opportunities, as i’m sure you’ve seen through my other blog posts.

Let’s back up, shall we!

I have been praying for patience. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for understanding of my purpose in this unusual calm season in my life. Leading up to my current job, I spent a lot of time running around like a crazy person – whether it be classes, multiple jobs, or one giant time consuming job I had straight out of college. For anyone who’s worked in political campaigns, non-profits, or in the political arena at any capacity, it takes a special kind of crazy and a life commitment to be successful.

I’m grateful to those kinds of people – i’ve met some of the most passionate, dedicated individuals through my work in politics – one of which will shortly be my husband! However once I knew that wasn’t for me I hit some bumpy roads. I knew I had been searching for my purpose and importance in a place i’d never find it, and I struggled to come to terms with that.

This calm season I was placed thrown into has strengthen my relationships with both God and my fiancé Kevin. I’ve never considered myself an overtly religious person, but i’ve always identified as Christian and held a belief in my God and Jesus.

What was the point in claiming to be a Christian but not strengthening my relationship with Jesus?

Things fell into place real quick during the beginning of 2017 when I decided to quit trying to understand what my next move was and live in the present. Kevin and I had been attending Journey Church in Raleigh regularly, and I had received an invite to a womens bible study with several coworkers. I began diving head first into trying to live a life more like Jesus’ and connect with a community that had the same values and priorities as my own. It’s been such a blessing and i’m truly grateful for getting to know these wonderful women.

Prayer’s aren’t always answered, and through the past 2 years I have learned such a great lesson on patience. Just this past Sunday we sat through our Church’s sermon on patience nodding our heads in agreement as our pastor explained that if you don’t show patience for His plan, your own plan will never compare.

In addition recently one of my bible study ladies brought up the most interesting perspective – if you think about it, every season of your life could be a season of waiting; a season of anticipating a next season, to the point where one can’t enjoy and learn from their current state. How awful is that? I hate the thought of so many missed opportunities – life is simply too short for that!

After talking to several others, I know i’m not the only one struggling with this. Don’t doubt your purpose nor your place in this world. Know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and all of the challenges and celebrations are put in your life for a reason. Your current life plan might be as clear as mud, but that’s okay – soak it all up and make a conscious effort to learn from it.

Wether it’s trying to remove paint on our back deck (more of that to come…), waiting on our last house to sell, or knowing where we’ll be a year from now, I know it’s not my job to have that figured out. That alone has been more comforting than trying to figure out any aspect of His current plan  for me.


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A lesson on patience


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