It’s been a busy past few weeks for me and I don’t anticipate my schedule slowing down anytime

A cemetery in downtown Savannah.
A cemetery in DT Savannah, GA

soon. This past weekend I was given the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming marriage of one of my very good friends down in Savannah, Georgia. I attribute the success of our trip to some simple planning, which ii’ll be sharing below!

I’ll be honest – my travel experiences in the southeast puts my southern heritage to shame. I’ve done very little traveling to some of the gorgeous towns and cities in the southern region, including Savannah. As a first timer to the area I really didn’t have too high of expectations, or really any expectation at all. A fun girls weekend to spend time celebrating the loss of freedom for our beloved Victoria? Count me in!

haunted savannah
“Haunted Hearse” tour was so fun!

Victoria’s Maid of Honor did a wonderful job planning the weekend and insuring that we did not break the bank on our expenses, so kudos to her for that! For many of you who have had experiences with bachelorette parties know that these celebrations can easily get out of hand from a cost perspective.

Aren't these temporary tattoos adorable? So much fun!
Temporary tattoos! Too cute!

We stayed in the most gorgeous little town house off one of the main streets, East Liberty. We were close enough to avoid taking cabs or ubering to the night life, but did have anywhere from a 10-20 minute walk to our destinations. Given the charming architecture and cobblestone roads none of us really minded the sight-seeing walks.


Me and the Bride-to-Be

Planning a Bachelorette trip can be very difficult and stressful, especially when you’re working with ladies you may have never met before. You might have different ideas of what the weekend trip would look like, or even different budgets and expectations on costs for the weekend. Today I’m sharing 5 tips that allow for a fun and exciting Bachelorette trip as an attendee!







  1. Be open minded about the other attendees. In my situation I only knew 2 other attendees – the bride-to-be and her sister. I was diving into an entire weekend not knowing any of the ladies i’d be staying with, but I did keep in mind that I was friends with the bride to be for a reason, and I was sure that since we’re good friends I certainly could have a good time with her friends. We had an absolute blast!
  2. Make sure everyone is on the same page regarding budget expectations. Victoria did a great job of communicating the need to keep costs reasonable to her MOH, and therefore price was a big factor in the planning of the weekend. We managed to snag a cute 2 bedroom townhouse for the 7 of us for under $700.00 for the weekend, but understood with this low price we had to compromise with packing an air mattress and sharing beds. The home was very spacious and this worked out very well for our needs. Before the week even began, we all agreed to give a sum of cash to the MOH to put towards our gift to Victoria as well as groceries and beer for the house for the weekend. This was a great idea! We had frozen pizzas Friday night in addition to breakfast (including mimosas!) at the house. We were able to budget based on our priorities, which allowed us to allocate money on other meals out or $10.00 specialty martinis at Jen’s and Friends ;).  I attribute the lack of financial stress of the weekend to us all having a clear understanding of what our spending power was.
  3. Make a budget for yourself ahead of time, and stick with it. Your budget for your trip should happen even before you pack a single item! It is so very important to know not only what you want to spend on your trip but also how much you have to spend. I used the cash method for my weekend – I withdrew the amount of money I wanted to use and understood that once that cash was spent I was done spending for the weekend. This worked out very well for me and also made spending my money more difficult since giving up cash has a bigger psychological impact than swiping a credit or debit card. This also made paying covers or tipping bartenders much easier.
  4. When budgeting, keep in mind your priorities for the weekend. For me, I personally did not feel the need to spend a bunch of money on food, but know that my hangry inner soul would show itself if I did not get enough food. Therefore I packed several snack bars and snack options so I would not feel the need to spend my money on snack foods and instead could spend more on activities or going out at night. Figure out what your priorities are, and then decide how you can save money on other aspects of your trip.
  5. Keep in mind that ultimately bachelorette trips are all about celebrating the Bride-to-Be. Everyone is going to have a great time – it’s a huge party! However keep in mind you want this weekend to be about your best girlfriend. Take into consideration her personality and priorities, and plan outings around that. For example, after spending all day Saturday casually drinking and exploring…and eating and eating and exploring, Victoria didn’t feel like staying out until 2am at the bars. Instead we spent the second half of our night in the house joking and telling stories, all while having a really good laugh. These are the moments I will cherish and remember from the weekend much more so than the dinners or drinks we purchased.

I would love to hear from y’all! What are some tips and tricks you could share when planning and attending a Bachelorette party?



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