This post is pretty simple and straightforward. This Wednesday I’m celebrating my 26th birthday (eeeeeek!) and with that being said, here are 26 pearls of wisdom.

  1. No one has “it” figured out.
  2. Things don’t just happen, you must be intentional.
  3. You won’t always have the metabolism of your High School self.
  4. Knowing how to cook will go a long way.
  5. Faith is key, as well as being grounded in your beliefs.
  6. Your job does not define you.
  7. It’s okay to spend nights at home and even alone. Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) get the best of you.
  8. Your biggest enemy is yourself, and inaction.
  9. Dogs are good for the soul.
  10. Comparing on social media will be the death of any person’s budget.
  11. You will grow apart from friends over the years, but that’s okay. You’ll also grow close to new people.
  12. You should eat the piece of chocolate.
  13. Know that your word and your reputation are worth more than anything; protect it.
  14. Your actions speak much louder than your Facebook post.
  15. You can’t always get what you want.
  16. No matter how bad off you think you are there’s someone who has it worse.
  17. Everyone, at one point or another, will let you down. No one is perfect and you can’t expect them to be.
  18. Your vision of happiness is not the same as those you interactive with in person or on social media. Keep that in mind when you’re mindlessly scrolling on Facebook!
  19. If you figure out what your passion is you’re ahead of a vast majority of people on this planet.
  20. It’s important to surround yourself with good people.
  21. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can give you comfort and stability.
  22. You can always count on coffee and dry shampoo!
  23. Being kind goes such a long way. Whether it be to your coffee barista, a friend, or someone completely undeserving, be kind!
  24. While biting your tongue can be difficult, trust me – it saves you a lot of trouble.
  25. Social media, while wonderful, can also be detrimental to relationships. Continue to make an effort to maintain relationships – in person! – and don’t rely solely on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.
  26. Love yourself. Give yourself grace. Get out of your comfort zone,  and go do amazing things!


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